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June Bug's roving.

Creamy White roving with very light spattering of brown/dark fibers mixed through. Slight bit of VM but very easy to work with. 100% Home Grown roving from June Bug. Super yummy, spins up easily.

Itch factor:
1-baby soft or for sensitive people
2-next to the skin soft
3-skin contact for non-sensitive people/some contact with skin
4-outer wear/socks may repel some water
5-outer wear or rug weaving.

This fleece is rated at a 2.

Sold by the bump.

9.5 oz-$27.00

9.5 oz-$27.00

10 oz-$28.50

8.5 oz-$24.20

9 oz-$25.65

9.25 oz-$26.35

8.25 oz-$23.50

Inquire about shipping costs.

Interested in this fiber but want it in hand spun yarn? Inquire about pricing for single or double ply hand spun.