Become a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm Member

Welcome to Call of the Wool, where the Shetlands live out their natural lives in health and happiness. Here at Call of the Wool we are dedicated to the well being of our sheep.

Nestled in the hills of North-Eastern Oregon we breed and raise registered purebred Shetland sheep. Our selective breeding program is designed to accentuate the special and unique qualities of the Shetland sheep. Shetlands come in eleven natural colors and over 30 pattern variations. We strive to preserve the variety of natural colors and fleece types found in the Shetland breed. We specialize in several rare color patterns, which have almost been lost in the Shetland breed. Shetlands are hardy little sheep with lusciously soft fleeces and outstanding fleece length and luster. Shetlands are small in stature, easy to handle and perfect for families. They are sweet and friendly, coming up for attention and wiggling their tails in response to attention.

By buying a CSA share you will become a part of our farm family. You will help to provide healthy living for our sheep. Your purchase goes directly to paying for feed, shelter, and all the small and large niceties, which come with farming. You will also help to provide food and shelter for sheep who can no longer support themselves due to old age or health difficulties. In many farm situations, sheep such as these would be culled from the flock, and sent to auction, as having lived their 'useful' lives. However, here at Call of the Wool, our sheep are part of our family and live as such. Each sheep has a name and special place in our hearts. We provide 'predator friendly' protection for our sheep in the form of guard llamas. We do not use herding dogs to bring in the sheep at night, but simply call to them from the top of the field and they come running. Our sheep ask for, and receive, daily affection and are often known to wiggle their tails in response to chin caresses and scratching.

In summer, our sheep graze on beautiful lush pasture, fertilized with our all-natural sheep manure mulch. During the cold winter nights the sheep are bedded down in a clean dry barn with heat lamps for warmth, fresh straw on which to sleep and all the food they can eat. During this time, we provide our sheep with the best Organic whole grains and locally grown grass hay. They receive a special mixture of grain and vitamins daily, personally developed to enhance health, wool quality and fleece growth. This same mixture provides our pregnant ewes with the right amounts of nutrition to maintain healthy body weight and to provide the developing lambs with enough nutrients to grow into small, but strong, lambs for easy birthing and swift development. Some of our senior sheep require special food and nutrients to help with arthritis in their old age and they are brought into a separate area in the barn where they do not have to compete for their food. My husband and I shear our sheep with the utmost care and gentleness.

But this doesn't all happen by itself. We need your help.

In return for your investment as a CSA shareholder, you will receive 8 ounces of hand spun yarn. You will be invited to participate in group discussions about the sheep and the farm. Events such as lambing, shearing and other important happenings will be announced for you to keep informed about the activities around the farm. Pictures and information about the sheep will be shared periodically for you to enjoy. You are also welcome to come and visit the farm, where you will meet the sheep and see the 'wool room' where all the hand spun yarn and knit items are made. Please contact us if you are interested in coming to visit so that we can recommend a quality nearby Bed and Breakfast.

Hand spun yarn:
You will receive 8 ounces of hand spun yarn in your choice of either
Double ply(Approx. 350-375 yards/per half pound)
Single ply(600-700 yards/per half pound)

***This year's Spring Shares will be a lovely blend of 80% home grown medium/dark silver grey Shetland blended with 20% silk.***

SPRING Shares can be purchased at any time through the end of March and will be distributed in May or June. This makes a great gift!!!

Please note that the price includes shipping to the continental US. I am willing to ship to other locations. Please contact me for a price quote to ship outside the continental US.

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